Attention Network Marketing Leaders, Coaches, Services Providers and Consultants: If you’ve ever wondered how to stop feeling like your business is running you and start running your business with courage & confidence, read on…

Learn the Secret to Building a Successful Business as the Leader That People Want to be Led By.






Are you ready...

... to let go of fears that limit you?

... to start leading others with clarity?

... to start living a life of intention and purpose?

Imagine a different reality.

  • Waking up with a fire in your heart and a feeling of true purpose

  •  Loving your business, your clients, your products and services, leading your team and (almost) everything on your to-do list

  •  Never feeling like you have to fake it ever again–because you’re finally aligned and being your true self (and you are inspiring others to do the same!)


How many of these are true for you?

✔️  You know that you have been called to lead others, but sometimes you feel afraid to go after it. 

✔️  You desperately desire change. You know that change is essential to achieve your goals.

✔️  Despite your best efforts, you keep falling back into old ways and repeated patterns. No matter what you try, you cannot help but continuously sabotage yourself. 

✔️  You are always on the lookout for new ways of doing things, but your current approach lacks strategy.  It’s getting exhausting.

✔️  On some days, you know that you can be successful.  On other days, you are afraid you don’t have what it takes.

✔️  Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you just can’t move the needle.


The Fearless Leader Course is Joan Robison’s signature leadership development program based on the principles and philosophies shared in her book, Flip The Switch.   

After investing decades building her own multi-million dollar businesses, and empowering others to build six-seven figure businesses, Joan created this course to provide a blueprint for others to follow.  

Over eight weeks, this course will help you transform yourself, your business, and the people you lead.  Learn and experience the true inspiration of Joan Robison, a proven entrepreneur who has been where you want to go.  There’s no substitute for experience! 

In Sessions One through Four, you’ll work on elevating your personal development by going to work on yourself.

In Sessions Five through Eight, you’ll work on duplicating what you are learning as you work with others.

  • This 8-week course helps you lead with greater confidence and intention.  You can overcome your limiting beliefs and the fears that hold you hostage – once and for all!
  • Each session will inspire you to think differently about yourself, your business strategy, and your future success.
  • You will quickly get to the heart of concrete action steps that create success and explore barriers that may keep you from uncovering your true potential.

What's in it for you?

  • 8 highly content-driven pre-recorded classes,  taught by Joan herself.   Each class includes a pre-session worksheet, as well as a workbook to help you stay focused on your journey.
  • Lifetime access to all resources and replays found inside your membership portal.  
  • Private Facebook community for you and the other members of The Fearless Leader Course.
  • Voxer access with Joan
  • Free copy of the Flip The Switch Ebook.

Are you a committed, goal-oriented leader ready to elevate your leadership skills on the life-changing 8-week experience?   Are you tired of being in the dark?  Are you ready to Flip The Switch and turn on the light?  Are you ready to live more intentionally, with clarity and focus?


Enroll today in The Fearless Leader Digital Course.


Begin to experience transformation from the very first week!

Get ready to meet a new version of yourself, discover who you are as a confident fearless leader ready to take inspired action and confidently help others to do the same.

The course includes access to your personal training portal.

Prepared for you:

✔️ Pre-coaching worksheet

✔️ Weekly training workbook for each session of course

✔️ Lifetime access to all training worksheets and recordings


✔️ Session One: Clean It Up
Identify and take charge of the areas in your life that need to be cleaned up now.

✔️ Session Two: Mindset
Start every day feeling empowered, embracing a mindset that’s ready for any challenge!

✔️ Session Three: Fear
Recognize fear and see how it could be keeping you from living a life you love. Learn actual steps to overcome fear and become more of who you are created to be.

✔️ Session Four: Prayer, Love, and Meditation
Discover how connecting with your source of strength will enhance your life, and the lives of those you love. Love and accept others where they are.  Focus on progress not perfection.

✔️ Session Five:  Have a Heart for People
Explore simple and effective ways to show people you care.

✔️ Session Six: Communicating
Learn to build stronger relationships by improving how you get in touch, and stay in touch.

✔️ Session Seven:  Coaching
See the impact that coaching will make on your life, and how a coaching approach will transform the way you work with others.

✔️ Session Eight: Leadership and Empowerment
Make a significant difference in the lives of people you lead as you empower them to become the best version of themselves.

Ready to get started?


It’s simple! You want to be seen as a respected and talented leader - but right now your subconscious driving fears are holding you back.

This course promises that you’ll no longer be paralyzed in a state of fear.  You will finally overcome the beliefs that have prevented you from being fully present in your own life, and the lives of those you wish to lead.


Are you READY for a life-changing experience?


Finally … let go of fears that limit you.

Finally …  start leading others with clarity.

Finally … start living a life of intention and purpose.

I'm Ready!

Become a more FEARLESS LEADER!


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