Are you ready to take your business and life to the next level?

Are you tired of living in your comfort zone and you want to take the next step towards building a 6-7 figure business?

Imagine having a proven system that will help you overcome any fear or limiting belief that is holding your business back. A system that will allow you to uncover your true potential as a leader and build a 6-7 figure business.

The Fearless Leader Digital Course will help you overcome any limiting beliefs or fears that are holding you hostage so that you can ignite the light within, uncover your true potential, and build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • ”What’s the point, I’ve tried everything already and nothing changes?”
  • ”I’m wasting my time, my people don’t want to take action.”
  • ”Others are more successful, more influential, and more organized than me.”

Inside of The Fearless Leader 8 Week Course, I'll take you through a journey of self-exploration and healing where you will identify and address what might be causing negative feelings and emotions - the things that you might not even realize are impacting your daily life.⁣

As a result, I will help you to release these thoughts and feelings and get back on the path to happiness and peace. Better yet, start living a life that you love so you can START getting what you want in life.⁣

When you “Flip the Switch”, you will break through fears, overcome obstacles, elevate your confidence to become the inspirational, and successful leader you deserve to be. ⁣

The Fearless Leadership Digital Course is for you if are ready to:

  • Take control of your life and live fearlessly so you can build a successful business with confidence.
  • Grow into a courageous leader that is capable of turning any situation into an opportunity and inspire others to do the same.
  • Get rid of any self doubt holding you back from the success that YOU deserve.

As a committed, goal-oriented leader ready to elevate your leadership skills, YOU WILL experience the tangible change when you take action and practice the steps laid out in this course!


Be prepared to create a new personal-reality, discover who you are as a confident fearless leader ready to take inspired action and motivate others to do the same. Get ready to meet a new version of the YOU that is ready to step up her game! 

During our 8 weeks together, you will learn how to:



 Clean It Up, One Thing at a Time - Clean up the things in your life that are keeping you stuck.

  Mind Your Mindset - Learn to reframe your mindset.

 Overcome Your Fears - Learn how to recognize fear and use it to your benefit.

 Prayer, Love, and Meditation - Discover how to connect with your source of strength to enhance your life and others.


 Have a Heart for People … and the Sale Will Follow - Learn ways that your empathy can move others to take action.

 Communicate Consistently - Learn effective communication strategies to make connections and stay in touch so you can build stronger relationships.

 Partner With a Coach … so You Can Coach Others - Discover how to use a coaching approach to transform the way you work with others.

 Build Your Leadership Strengths … and Empower Others - Make a significant difference in the lives of people you lead as you empower them to become the best version of themselves.


It’s simple! You want to be seen as a respected and talented leader - but right now your subconscious driving fears are holding you back.


This course promises that you’ll no longer be paralyzed in that fear-state and finally overcome whatever prevailing beliefs have prevented you from being fully present in your own life and the lives of those you wish to lead.


Imagine living a life where you…

  • Have the wisdom, awareness, and tools to avoid all thoughts and beliefs that weaken you
  • Have the Freedom To Be You - No more second-guessing yourself
  • End Self-Sabotage - Stop waiting for permission to be happy
  • Have the ability to define your own success
  • Take charge of your life once and for all 
  • Are clear on your next steps and what actions you must take to change the trajectory of your entire life! 

You can enroll today for only $388! 
VALUE $4,000

Here’s what other women say about Joan’s Flip The Switch methods:

"Flip The Switch is a quick, easy read with solid concrete steps to get you "unstuck" in your business. Joan walks you through the steps and how to easily apply them to your life! I AM AMAZED at how my business and life has elevated! If you want REAL results learn how to flip the switch through her Fearless Leader Digital Course! She is the best at what she does, and I am lucky enough to have learned and coached with Joan for nearly a decade!"

Connie Feikes
Founding Executive - H2O at Home

"After working with Joan Robison, she has unlocked the door to what I feared. Through her coaching sessions, she has given me the tools to have a more positive outlook on life.  She walked me through my fears to show me they are just the thoughts I create. Joan supported me to develop more leaders within my team than I ever have before. Our team had triple digit increases, grew leaps, and bounds in communication, and we became more efficient with systems! I am so excited Joan has as written Flip The Switch and the Fearless Leader Digital Course to help others like she has helped me. If you want to ignite your business say YES to her digital course, you truly, can’t afford not to!"

Kristie De Menna
Sapphire National Executive Director, Color Street

"Flip The Switch is the opportunity of a lifetime to be mentored by Joan Robison. She was my very first business mentor and helped me break through patterns that were holding me back.  While I read this incredible book, it took me back to that time where I had her voice in my ear, guiding me to step into my greatness. If you want to develop your leadership skills and teach these skills to others, do yourself a favor and devour this book and take her Fearless Leader Digital Course!"

Dr. Dana McGrady
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Better Health and Wellness Center

"I wanted to share a powerful book and digital course my friend and colleague, Joan Robison, has written.  It’s for anyone who is daring enough to make the changes necessary to live the life of their dreams!  She shares practical wisdom, sound advice and simple activities that have worked for her and the thousands of individuals and teams she’s worked with.  She’s brilliant, practical, and inspiring.  Flip The Switch and the Fearless Leadership Digital Course is the perfect guide to show you the path to living your best life, too."

Kristi Lucariello
Global Sales Training & Enablement, Blancco

"Joan is an elite leadership coach that has forever changed my life. She is the leader of leaders!  Working with and coaching with Joan has helped me develop into the ultimate leader for my team. She will help you get to the core of any obstacle and be by your side to guide you through it. She says the “numbers don't lie” and I have developed a multi-million sales team with Joan’s simple “3” steps systems!"

Megan Miles
Senior Executive Director, Color Street

"I have had the pleasure of working with and coaching with Joan for the past four years! If you are ready to take urgent action and get the results you’ve always wanted, sign up today for her Fearless Leader Digital Course! Everything I have learned to build a 3 Million dollar sales team is condensed into her book Flip The Switch and the Fearless Leader Digital Course!"

Risa Garrett
Senior Executive Director, Color Street

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Access To:

  • (8) Weekly live trainings taught by Joan herself, includes a follow up Q&A where you can ask questions.
  • Access to the Fearless Leader Digital Course Member Portal - If you cannot make it live, the lessons and the Q&A sessions will be uploaded into the membership portal for you to watch on your own time. You will have lifetime access to all resources and replays.
  • Access into the Exclusive Private Facebook community for you and the other members of the Flip The Switch Course.
  • Connect with like minded aspirational leaders who are taking the same actions as you to overcome their limiting beliefs and abolish fear so that they uplift and inspire others. 
  • Receive a free copy of the Flip The Switch Ebook - Each week of the program is based on a chapter in Joan’s book, Flip The Switch. You’ll get early access to each chapter of the ebook to use as your guide throughout the program as well as a pre-session worksheet, and a workbook to go along with the live class. 

About Joan Robison

Joan Robison is equal parts innovator, business strategist, and leadership coach. With a mission of igniting transformational change, Joan works with individuals and teams who want more. With kindness, insight, and coaching expertise, Joan helps people quickly Flip the Switch from a problem to a solution. She challenges others to become the people they are meant to be, and to live a life they love. 

Joan brings twenty years of experience as a top producer in network marketing. She has established and grown three multi-million dollar sales organizations. Joan views all that she does as a way of serving others, a mindset that started with her career in management at Nordstrom. Joan is known for her exceptional ability to develop and build leadership skills in others. She encourages others to rise by empowering them to be their best selves. Joan is a DSWA Certified Coach and Trainer, and helps leaders and sales organizations improve their organizational growth and leadership development. 

When Joan isn’t working, you can find her hiking or climbing mountains in Arizona. She enjoys traveling, and is always ready for the next adventure. 

The Fearless Leader Digital Course Offer

  • *Daily Voice & Text Access: Value for 8 weeks - Course duration - $2,000

  • Weekly Accountability: Value for 8 weeks - $400

  • Weekly strategy and goals to keep you FOCUSED: Value for 8 weeks! - $400

  • *Live 45 Minute Master Class - Marketing strategy on how to share your message and build your team - taught by strategist Brandie Peters ( $600

  • *30-minute Social Media Brand & Content Review with Social Media Personal Brand Mentor & Amplifier Ginna Tassanelli, Founder of Stylishly Branding - $600

Total Value - $4,000 for ONLY $388!!

*Limited time offer