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Your Mindset FLIPPED!

May 29, 2022

Ever find yourself stuck in a non-productive way of thinking?

Is it time to FLIP your mindset?



Your mindset is the set of beliefs that shape the way you look at yourself and the world around you.

Your beliefs can elevate you and light you up.  Or, your beliefs can limit your view and keep you in the dark.  Which of these sounds better to you?

Your mindset is within your control.  Even though you can’t control outside influences,  you can control how you choose to think about them.  It takes intention to flip from a negative view to a brighter view.  Learning to FLIP your mindset is like strengthening a muscle in your body:  it takes a little practice.  Over time, a brighter, more forward-focused way of thinking becomes second nature. 


You want more out of your business. You may even want more out of yourself.   When you change the way you think, you will find the positive energy to make lasting changes in your results.  It starts with the way you think.  



Here’s a simple exercise to illustrate the power of reframing:

  • Focus your eye on a framed picture.
  • Now, imagine lifting that frame, and replacing it with a frame of a different color.


Your new frame will make the picture appear different, right?   Depending on the color of the new frame, it’s likely that different colors in your image will stand out.  In a sense, you will see the same picture differently.  This is called “reframing.”  This same concept applies to the picture you choose to see in the challenges you face each day.



How do you think as you have conversations with yourself?  Could your words benefit from a little reframing?   Let’s  look at how to reframe your self-talk conversations, FLIPPING from low-vibration self-talk to a view that is immediately brighter.


Low-Vibration Self-Talk

FLIPPED to Brighter View with Elevated Energy


 I am tired.

It feels good to accomplish my daily tasks.



It is what it is.

It will be what I make it.  And it’s going to be great.



I am so busy.

I am blessed with an abundant life.



I can’t.

I will give my best effort.



I failed once again.

I commit to practicing and learning more every day.



I can’t get anyone to say “yes.”

With each contact I make, I’m getting better at making connections.



This business is hard work.

I am excited about the rewards that will come when I work hard on myself and my business.



I don’t really know what I’m doing.

It’s not always easy to learn new things.  What’s important is that I am learning.



Nobody wants to buy from me.

I will think less about myself, and more about others.  When I show that I care about people and serve their needs, the sale will follow.



I am never going to feel caught up.

I am taking steps to manage myself.



There’s only one person who can control the thoughts you put into your head … YOU.  You get to choose how to look at everything that comes your way.


People who live their days in positive energy know that mindset matters.  Mindset makes a difference in every step they take.  It contributes to the vibe they send out when they’re connecting with other people.


Your mindset will make a difference in the way you feel about yourself and your business.  Your mindset will make a difference in the results you see as you grow your business.


What could happen in your life and your business if you FLIPPED your mindset? 

You’ve got this!

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