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Why Social Retail?

May 01, 2022

World circumstances have changed the way we shop for things we want and need.    We have all grown accustomed to grabbing a smartphone, clicking a few times, and whatever we have run out of is replenished almost immediately.  We are quite familiar with search tools that help us browse a variety of options to find whatever what we’re looking for.  Today’s customers are very comfortable shopping online.

The total market share of “non-store,” or online U.S. retail sales, was higher
than general merchandise sales for the first time in history,
according to a report from the Commerce Department.  (2019)

Another trend that is emerging is Social Retail.  Social Retail is at the intersection of e-commerce and social interaction.  Social Retail is where communities of people purchase products online.


Social Retail builds on a successful element of what was once referred to as “direct selling,”  where people interact with others to learn about and purchase products.  The role of a seller is more than simply serving as an order-taker.  Effective sellers identify needs, share enthusiasm and information, and inspire purchases, one-on-one or in group settings.   Because happy customers know other customers, a direct seller’s base of contacts expands with every sale they make.  Human connection is what makes this concept work.


Social Retail brings an updated approach to the interactive side of selling, blending online shopping with people connecting online.   Social retail sellers build and grow businesses by leveraging and monetizing their networks of friends and acquaintances.  With an average sphere of influence of 700 people, every social retail seller has a starting point.


Whether you are new to having an independent selling business, or you’ve been a direct seller/network marketer in the past, to maximize your success in today’s environment you know that the best approach is one which lines up with your customers and their buying habits.    Let’s look at three ways to increase your outreach that are in sync with today’s trends:

Be a contributor.

Go beyond scrolling when reading the latest Facebook posts.   Be an active contributor!   Comment frequently and regularly ideas and positive feedback to others’ comments.  Make yourself known. Participate in groups.  Not only will you increase your visibility within your own network, you’ll broaden your network by connecting with people your friends (and their friends) know.

Inspire curiosity.

The power of the Social Retail model lies in your consistent presence with frequent lifestyle posts that attract people to you.   Write posts that tell “just enough” of your story to  make people curious.  Remember this concept:

Facts tell.
Feelings sell.

Make your posts energetic and fun!   Make someone smile.  Make someone laugh.  Skip the facts about your business because sharing the details will come later in your process.   You’re not writing a post so you can capture an order or enroll a new representative.  You’re writing a post to inspire curiosity and connect with someone individually about what you do and what you have to offer.

Remember the phrase "people buy people."

You’ve heard it said that people buy from people they know, like, and trust.  When you put yourself in front of people, you give them the chance to know you, like you, and develop trust in you.  This leads to more sales, more recruits, and more business success!

Social Retail gives people a way to interact with you as part of the online shopping experience.

YOU are the key to making Social Retail work.

You’ve got this!

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