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You want to be a more effective leader.  What comes to mind when you think about a leader who inspires you?  Do your first thoughts turn to the characteristics that makes this leader stand out?  Do you think about the way that leader interacts with people?   When you notice a strong and effective leader, it’s natural to think about what you can see.


While there are plenty of things we can see in a strong and effective leader, there are also plenty of things we can’t see.  We don’t see a leader’s level of desire to succeed.  We don’t see their challenges.  And we don’t see the way they think.


As a leader, your mindset sets you up for success!  What you think about will influence not only what you do, but how you do it. Let’s look at three ways that effective network marketing leaders think:


1  Leaders think about business growth.

You are either moving forward or falling behind.  As people come and go in your network marketing team, you are constantly in a state of balancing.   It’s simply not possible to stay still.  Your goal is to tip the scales toward consistent and progressive growth.  How do you do that?


Recruit consistently.

With each new person you add to the team, you’re taking a step toward growth.   Every dimension of your business gets better with recruiting.


Build leaders consistently.

Each new team member is a potential new leader who will expand your organization as they build a team.  Effective leaders are always looking for their next leader.  They match their efforts with the efforts of their team member.


2  Leaders are examples that others want to follow.

People follow people.  Be an example that you want others to follow. Model with your attitudes and your actions. 


Attitude:  How would you describe your attitude?  How do you face the challenges of your business?   When you bring a bright spirit to what you do, your team members will “catch” your attitude.  For example, if your company releases a new policy, find the benefits instead of complaining about what you don’t like.  When you consistently look for the good around you, others will follow you.


Actions:  You can tell people what to do – but it works better when you show them.   Make time in your schedule to keep doing the very things you want your team members to do, even if they’re not new to you.   Make time for selling.  Prospecting for new customers.  Recruiting.  When you model consistently by doing these things, you show others that this is what the business is.



3  Leaders think about the numbers.

I get that we’re not all “numbers people.”  Many leaders have had to learn how to pay attention to reports and analyze performance data.    You will work smarter instead of harder when you consistently study your business results.   You will focus on the areas of your business that need your attention.  Pay attention to the numbers.  Manage the things you measure. 


Carefully monitor your personal performance results.

Are your personal sales and recruiting results keeping pace with your goals?  It’s easy to allow these things to slip.  Keep a careful eye on the numbers, and if you see a decline, adjust your priorities quickly.


Keep an eye on team and organizational sales.

Know how your team is doing!  How do this month’s results compare to this month a year ago?  How do your year-to-date sales and recruiting results compare to your goals?  As you review sales, watch for stand-out performers  to work with.  Smart leaders are numbers-driven leaders.


Pay attention to the sales of people you’re partnering with.

As a leader, you have access to so much information! Make the most of it.  Before you initiate a call to any member of your team, glance at their numbers.  This insight will help you maximize your conversation.


Smart leaders use numbers to make business decisions. If you are partnering with someone and notice consistent lacklustre results,  it may be time to let go of the coaching relationship.  As a leader, you get to make choices about where to invest your time.  When you’ve given someone your best effort and they’re still not moving forward, make smart decisions about where to invest your time to get the greatest result.


Set yourself up for success with a leader’s mindset.

Lead more effectively.

Think like a leader!

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