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The Power of Duplication - 3 Success Strategies

achievement action ideas business business skills coach coaching concepts duplication duplication mindset grow ignite lead leaders mindset modeling motivation network marketing recruiting secrets selling steps strategy success successful training Jun 26, 2022


Do you ever imagine yourself reaching the top of your company’s earning plan?  

Do you wonder what it’s going to take to grow your organization enough to achieve a new level? 

Moving forward is about mastering the art of duplication. 

How well you develop others will keep you moving forward and will keep others moving forward with you.


When you begin a network marketing business, it’s natural to focus on yourself.  In the early days, your success depends on prospecting skills, selling skills, and recruiting skills.  Once you’re on solid ground with your basic business skills, you will naturally think about how you can grow.   You will think about how you can duplicate.


When you catch the “duplication mindset,” you will invest your energy in others.

You’ll think about what you can do to ignite motivation to move forward.

You’ll think about how you can use what has worked for you to make it work for others.  You will become truly excited about recruiting when you realize that you’ve got something exciting to share.


Most earning plans are built on developing  new representatives and building new leaders.  Duplication is the key to moving ahead in a network marketing business. 

Let’s break it down:


It all starts here:  learn what works.  Get to the heart of the simple steps that create results and teach those steps to everyone on your team. 


Simplicity is the first step in duplication.  Trial and error may have been your best teacher.  You can simplify the process for others by distilling your actions into steps that are easy to follow.  Make everything you do so simple that even a 4th grader can do it!  Communicate your strategies clearly.  



The best trainers don’t share everything they know about a topic.  They intentionally share just what others need to know now.  


When you think about breaking down a business-building strategy, try to deliver your message in three’s.  Learning is less overwhelming this way!  Three key concepts.  Three action ideas.  Three steps.  This makes your ideas easier to remember and easier to follow.  Once someone has mastered the three concepts you share, they can come back for three more.


The effectiveness of your training is important to your success in duplication.  So is your ability to be a model.



A model is someone who inspires others to imitate their attitudes and actions.  Be a person with the attributes that make others want to be like you! 


  • What do people see when they watch you in action?
  • What energy do you bring to your leadership role?
  • How bright is your attitude?
  • How focused are your actions?
  • How often do people see you happy with your business?



I once heard this:

Duplication calls for simplifying.  It calls for teaching.  And more than anything else, it calls for modeling.  Great leaders don’t just tell people what it means to be successful, they show them. 


Take your business to the next level.

Bring people with you.

Master the art of duplication.

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