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STOP ASSUMING what your team members want!

Start ASKING Quality Questions To Build Relationships With Them! 

Feeling like your team is not communicating with you?🙄

I get it... relationships are a two-way street, however, as a leader of a team, YOU model the example by your actions and words. YOU are the initiator. After all, it is your business.

People don't come to you, you go to people. It’s called ‘serving’ and I think you know about it. 😉

I believe most really don't understand that the biggest impact on your business is your ability to communicate. As leaders in network marketing we are constantly tweaking, practicing, and doing it again and again to find the sweet spot of what truly works.

As a leader, you have to get to know your team members!

Most start conversations using text messages and attempt to do ALL communication via text messaging. STOP… it does not work for everything!  Text messages are great for delivering information and a great way to start a conversation, but you must be willing to give your new people and those emerging leaders 15-30 minutes scheduled time with you.

Let me ask you, have you ever felt uncomfortable asking your team members for goals?🤔

I want to share with you WHY you feel this way. In most cases it is because you are UNCLEAR about what they want. You haven't taken the time to ask. If you start by asking about their goals you miss making the ‘heart’ connection. Get to know your team members. In the long run this is by far the most important thing you can do.

This is where your coaching skills come in..

By asking open ended questions from the very start as you onboard someone, you begin to know what is important to your team member. 

What would be the desired results from learning to ask more quality questions, you ask?

Knowing how to ask the right questions will help you in these FIVE key areas:

  1. Get to the heart of what’s important.
  2. Plan and strategize.
  3. Ask for solid commitment to take action.
  4. Create accountability.
  5. Ongoing feedback and insight.

Below are examples of questions to ask that can help you understand your new team member and also get them thinking and becoming excited about what they really want:

Get to the heart of what’s most important.

  • What is most important to you today?
  • What do you love most about your life today?
  • What are you looking to accomplish?
  • What is the one thing you really want out of life that you’re not getting now?
  • What brings you the most joy? 
  • If you could paint a picture of your ideal life, how would that look?
  • How will you feel, what will it smell like, what will it taste like, when you make that dream a reality? 

Now I bet you’re getting the idea that ASKING versus ASSUMING you already know what your new team members want, is the way to go! It helps you gain knowledge and it helps them create excitement and motivation within themselves!

The few examples above I have laid out are just a part of a FREE, downloadable list of open ended, quality questions that I have created just for you! 

If you want the power packed list of the BEST questions to spark excitement and impact your team results, click below and I will send them to you today!



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