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Level Up Your Recruiting!

May 15, 2022

Have you ever felt stuck in a recruiting rut? Whether you’re new to recruiting, have already stumbled upon a few team members, or are a seasoned recruiting pro, getting out of a rut starts with sharpening your skills.

What keeps us from getting better at recruiting?

  • You may think you’ve got it – and you just need to keep doing what you’re already doing.
    When we keep doing what we’re already doing, we keep getting what we’re already getting.
  • You may have sold yourself on the thought that to become a stronger recruiter you need to grow comfortable with being pushy.
    None of us wants to be pushy, do we?
  • You may not know where to begin.
    No matter where you are in your business, the steps to getting started are the same.

Let’s not overthink this! Recruiting is not that complicated! It’s about …

  • Connecting with people.
  • Inviting people.
  • Asking, “Would you like to learn more?”

What can you do today to level up your skills?


Create a fresh list of contacts

You will be more likely to make contacts when you have a list of WHO to call! Here’s a fast exercise:

  • Your goal: make a list of 25-30 people you will connect with.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes to instill urgency and keep you from overthinking.
  • Scroll through your phone contacts from A to Z.
  • Scroll through your list of Facebook friends.

As you browse through your contacts, ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to work with?
  • Who might benefit from a business like this?
  • Who is great with people?

You may have made a list when you first started your business, and don’t immediately see the value in doing it again. If you want to level up your recruiting skills, think about making a list as something you ALWAYS do before you reach out!


Write a post to ignite curiosity

Social media is one of the primary ways to learn what’s going on in other people’s lives. We scroll through our feeds in search of something worth reading. When a photo catches our eye, or a story sounds intriguing, we tend to stop scrolling and take a moment to read.

  • When was the last time you created a post that inspired curiosity?
  • When was the last time you posted a photo that showed how much fun you were having because of your business?
  • What can you post about today?

The best recruiters consistently post at least three times every week. Sometimes, posts can be about something going on in your life without any direct reference to your business. Most of the time, though, you want to show a connection between the satisfaction in your life and your involvement with your business.

Skip the details of what’s involved in getting started, special offers, or enrollment promotions (How many people stop to read that stuff, anyway?). The most effective posts inspire someone to think, “Hmm … I wonder what this is all about!”


Reach out

In a network marketing business, success is about building relationships. The real secret of recruiting success is to reach out and have lots of friendly conversations. Lots of them.

Start with your list. Or, connect with people who like or comment on your posts.

Wondering what to say? There’s no need for a script. Be YOU. Whether you are sending a text, leaving a voice mail recording, or making a phone call, a reach-out connection might sound like this:

  • I’m excited to share something with you!
  • Hey (so and so) … I have a little something to tell you about. Do you have 10 minutes when we can talk?
  • It’s been forever since we’ve talked! I want to know how you’re doing! And … the reason I want to connect with you today is this …


How will it feel when you level up your recruiting?

What will stronger recruiting skills do for your business?

Who will you connect with today?

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