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When coaching a team member, have you ever felt like saying,  “Come on already!  Just DO IT!”   Past experiences have shown you that without urgency, people often get stuck.  They can overthink the simple steps that will create the results they want.  Or, fear may keep them from moving forward.


While “Just DO IT” works well as Nike’s memorable slogan, it’s not the most effective coaching phrase.  People need more, especially when they’re looking at a list of unfamiliar action steps.  A leader’s smartest strategy to move people to action is to draw on coaching skills.  When you’re working with someone who wants more, how do you ignite urgency? 



Guide the person you’re coaching to see a connection between moving forward and getting what they want.   Ask them to make a list of the benefits of taking action now.  Ask that they list what’s likely to happen if they don’t take action.  As they compare the two lists, help them see how taking action now will quickly bring them closer to their goals.



As a coach, engage both your team member’s head and heart.   You engage the heart when you guide your team member to feel excited about what they’re creating.  Emotion is a powerful force in moving forward!  What makes the result they’re looking for important to them?  What will make it important to the people they care about?  Help them find their inner motivation by helping them feel excited about what it’s going to mean when they take action.



The first step in planning a trip is to decide on the destination.   The destination is the target which helps you plan a specific route to get there.   Building a strategy to create a business result is a similar process.  Your team member starts by choosing the target.  What does she want to create?  Work together to build a strategy, the road map, to get there. 


What challenge does your team member want to overcome?  What is the desired target?  What are the steps that will move her in the direction of success?  Make sure every action you talk about is clear, specific, and forward-focused.



When first steps are clear and concise, you can guide your team member to decide when those steps are going to happen.  Ask questions to put a specific date on each action.   Help your team member choose the timeline and take ownership of the plan. 



Have you ever noticed that we all think differently?   Part of being an effective coach and leader is to understand that each person is unique.  No one’s personality style is better than another’s.  To ignite urgency,  smart coaches connect with different people in different ways.


  • Some team members think about results, and quickly jump into action to create those results.

Strategy:  Help them put emotion in their action.

Ask:  “How will this impact your life?”


  • Some team members can’t envision a new result until they think about the details, systems and processes that will support change.

Strategy Build on their strengths by asking them to specifically define the result.

Ask: Let’s get specific – how is that going to look?”


  • Some team members think less about how they’re going to feel about success and more about how others who are important to them will feel.

Strategy:  Invite them to think about others before you ask them to think about themselves.

Ask:  “In what ways will doing this make life better for others?”


  • Some team members are unlikely to get moving until they can see the fun in making a change, whether it’s the fun of the outcome or the fun of getting there.

Strategy Don’t talk about details, talk about fun.

Ask: Tell me about something fun you will do once you’ve made this happen.”


 Guide your team members to reach for new possibilities. 

Help them feel excited about making it happen. 

Ignite urgency!

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