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Leaders are in the business of developing people.  Effective leaders partner with people, invest in them, and let them go so they can learn and grow.  Instead of taking an enabling approach, the strongest leaders empower others.


Empowerment :

  • You give people opportunities to take on challenges and build responsibility.
  • You nurture their skills.
  • You provide honest feedback.
  • You let go and watch them soar.



  • You do things for people, taking responsibility instead of building responsibility.
  • You allow people to benefit from your skills instead of developing their own.
  • You resist giving honest feedback to keep them from feeling hurt.
  • You tell them what to do instead of encouraging them to think for themselves.


Do people on your team want to earn more?  Have more?  Become more?   If you are ready to lead the way forward, it could be time to up your leadership game.  Choose to empower people.  Let’s look:

When you think about your leadership role as building people, your business will grow as your people grow.  You will increase your capacity to help more people.  When you build people, you become an empowering leader.


Enabling is exhausting.

Empowerment is invigorating.

Make the choice to build people!

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