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Discover a Mindset for Recruiting

May 22, 2022

If you’re involved in network marketing, you already know that recruiting is important to your success.  Before you can lead a team, you have to build that team, right?   The people who earn the most in network marketing are the people who become good at recruiting.  Those who keep growing their income are the ones who not only teach their teams to recruit, they make personal recruiting a top priority.  There is no doubt that your recruiting efforts make a huge difference in what you get out of your business.


What is your mindset about recruiting?  Does your view of recruiting emphasize what you’ll get, or what your new recruits will get as they make business success a part of their life?   When you think about your personal recruiting outlook, how much of your thoughts focus on how others will benefit from your recruiting efforts? 


Like many things, your mindset makes a difference.  The way you think about recruiting shapes not only the priority you place on personal recruiting, it impacts the way you go about sharing the invitation to join your team.  Let’s look at three ways to quickly elevate your mindset when it comes to recruiting!

Get clear about the benefits.

Think about the ways someone’s life can be enhanced by getting involved with your business.   The question to reflect upon is:  What would make someone want to be involved?  The answer is a little different for everyone, which is why it’s helpful to create a list.  Include what you love about your business, then include benefits that others might enjoy.  Start your list with things like these:


  • Extra income to do what they love
  • Significant income to replace an unsatisfying full-time job
  • A feeling of community
  • Opportunities to make new friends and be with people
  • Tax write-offs
  • Satisfaction in doing something worthwhile
  • Trips
  • Excitement about products
  • Freebies and promotional items from your company


… and keep building your list!   It will become a useful tool to remind yourself that everyone sees the benefits of the business a little differently.  When you remind yourself of this, you’ll be more effective at making connections.

Clarify your view of the ideal recruit.

Is there an ideal recruit?   The business can work for many people,  yet, there are certain characteristics to watch for which may suggest a person will do well.  Build your own list so you know what to look for!


  • Self-starters
  • Happy people
  • People who are hungry for something
  • Someone who loves people
  • Someone who focuses on others
  • Excitement about products


Does a person need to be a product expert to succeed?  How well did you know your products when you started?  Some successful people knew very little at the start.  It’s excitement that sells.  Instead of just looking for product experts, look for enthusiasts.  Be open to people who show interest.

Come to recruiting from a place of service.

Come to recruiting with a mindset of service.  Ask yourself, “Who can I help today?”  Joining the business can be more life-changing than getting involved with the products. 


It’s likely that you are most effective in sales when you’re talking about your favorite product.  Why?  Because your passion shows.  Your eyes light up, and people sense your authentic belief that what you’re sharing will make a difference in their lives.  Your customers believe in you.  You can bring that outlook to sharing the opportunity!  Share the invitation to learn about your business with as much passion as you share your favorite product.


The way you think about recruiting will make a difference in what you do and what you say.

What is your recruiting outlook?

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