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So.. you want to improve your leadership skills?

I bet if you had a magic wand you'd wave away the challenges that you face!  Better yet, you’d probably wish that you didn’t have to deal with these uncomfortable challenges at all. 

I get it. Trust me. There are times I wish I could just magically make some of these things go away. Being a leader isn’t for the weary! 

This brings me back to years ago when I felt overwhelmed with learning ALL the skills that I thought I needed to level up in my business. I was holding onto the limiting belief that I had to learn all the skills of being a leader before I would be a leader. I imagine that stops many people. 

I soon realized that learning the skills was important, however, not the most important part of your journey. 

This quote woke me up:

It became apparent that if I wanted my life and my business to get better, I had to begin the journey of working on myself. Personal growth. Oh… I had my work cut out for me! 

One thing I realized is that there really are no shortcuts to growing yourself. Leadership is best learned through trial and error. Skills are just skills until you apply them. Your power comes from experiencing the real-life situations of being a leader and practicing the skills you learn along the way.  

This world needs quality leaders.  People that truly care about people. I am still learning everyday about being a leader. I haven’t arrived. I will learn and grow until the day I die. What about you? 

I urge you to leave fear at the door and step out by taking action. Afterall, there are people that need your leadership! 


Here are ‘5’ TIPS you can take action on today to instantly improve your leadership skills.

1. Get to KNOW yourself

Take a moment and block off some time, say 15 minutes and take a good look at who you are as a leader.  Be totally honest with yourself, would you follow you?  Are you actually practicing the daily activities and showing up in your business in the same way you are teaching others?  People are watching you! They will do what you do! The toughest person you will lead will always be yourself. Start getting to know YOU, your strengths and areas of opportunity. 


2.  IDENTIFY the positive impact you are already making with those around you. 

Maybe you find it easy to attract people to your circle or your team…maybe you don’t.  What is it that makes people want to be around you? Or not be around you?  Leaders are people others like, trust and look up to.  Lead with a sincere heart… People are attracted to a kind heart and a helping hand attitude.  Effective leaders are givers and know how to empower others to be great leaders. Show people how to succeed rather than just telling them what to do and leaving them to do it.


3. Leaders OFFER help and support to their team or employees. 

What is your communication style?  How do you communicate with your team about what you are willing to do for them?  One of the most powerful questions to ask is ‘how can I help you?’ This will get someone to open up about what they want and help you understand what you can offer them in the way of coaching or assistance to help them achieve their goals.   

  • Example: ‘Hi Jill, it’s Joan. How are you? I wanted to reach out and let you know I am here to help and support you, what can I do for you?’


4. CHOOSE a specific area that you want to grow.  

What is an area that you would like to improve?  Would you like to be better with self-discipline, communication, or partnering with your people? Ask yourself what you need to do in order to become the type of leader you want to be and then create a plan to level yourself to that. Look at hiring a coach or a mentor to keep you accountable to the areas of your growth and so you can effectively coach your own team to success!


5. Take good CARE of yourself, so you can take good care of others. 

Three important areas to be aware of to maintain your own personal life balance are: 

  • Emotionally – Are you filling your own cup?  Doing things you love or that bring you joy?  Your emotional health is key to you being able to lead a strong team!
  • Physically – How do you maintain top physical health for yourself?  Do you take time to exercise? Are you eating well and getting proper rest?
  • Spiritually – What does your spiritual self need to maintain your personal sense of balance?  Are you taking time to check in and recharge yourself with whatever support it is that helps you emit your highest vibrational energy? 


If you want to start improving your leadership skills, start by taking any one of these areas and create a plan to grow YOU! Investing in you will always be the most worthwhile investment you can make.  

If you are interested in one on one coaching or group coaching, apply to work with Joan.

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