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5 Secrets to Planning Your Time

planning time secrets Jun 05, 2022

You started your business to have time for the things that matter most.  Have you noticed how easy it is to come to the end of a day and feel like you didn’t do any of the things you wanted to do?  Being in business for yourself takes time.  Here’s the good news:  You can be in charge of how your business fits into your life.    Successful self-employed entrepreneurs know that planning is the secret to reducing stress and increasing productivity.   Planning helps you get what you want out of every minute of every day.  It makes it possible to feel the joy of living a life you love.  And when you feel that joy, you shine brightly.


Can you gain more control over your schedule?  Yep.  It’s easier than you think:

Choose a day to plan your week.


Pick a weekend day to map out your upcoming week.  Plan time for the things you want to do, including family activities, exercise time, getting your nails done, or time to just relax.  Plan the time you will work your business.  When you decide on your schedule ahead of time, you’ll notice that work is less likely to sneak into every moment of every day.


Instead of tightly scheduling yourself with back-to-back commitments, add margins of extra time here and there.  A looser schedule will allow you to breathe and remain in control even when unexpected challenges arise.

Use a planner.

Choose a planning tool that works for you and keeps your schedule visible at all times.  For most people, a paper planner works best.  When you write things down, you make choices.   With a paper planning tool, even when you’re focusing on one day’s schedule, you can see your week at a glance.

Carve out blocks of time for your business.


People who feel in control of their time know they are most effective when they schedule blocks of time rather than stringing tiny moments together throughout the day.  You will be more focused when your work blocks are at least one hour.  You will be more productive.  And more satisfied with your results.


Pay attention to priorities.

One of my time-planning habits is to keep a priority list.  I add new things as they arise,  and check them off as they are completed.  Each morning, I choose top priorities from my list, and start with what’s most important.  Remember, you have limited time to invest in your business.  Most often, income-driving activities involve interacting with people, not paper.   Choose the things that will make you money! 


You’ve got an hour before you need to pick up the kids at school.  You heard there’s a great 45-minute video on your company’s portal about making phone calls.  Instead of spending 45 minutes watching a video, leaving only 15 minutes to actually make calls, do this:  Spend 15 minutes watching part of the video, and 45 minutes making calls.  Repeat this tomorrow.  The secret is investing the majority of your time where it’s going to make you money.


Watch out for distractions.

One of the biggest time-planning mistakes people make is allowing distractions to take over.  Do what you can to get ahead of distractions before you start working.    Have you ever noticed how we are often our own worst distraction?  We begin working and think …. “Oh, I need to toss on that load of laundry, ”  or, “Maybe I’ll go make myself a coffee.”  


Change the way you think about your time, and your habits will change, too.  When a distraction tempts you to step away from your schedule, remember that you’ve planned your schedule so you can make time for the things that are most important to you.


How will your life be better when you have a feeling of control over your time?

Start the time-planning habit today.

You’ve got this!

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