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5 Clues That FEAR is Getting in Your Way

Jun 12, 2022

Do you ever feel stuck, struggling to move forward, but not clear about what’s making that happen?   As you think about what is contributing to your situation,  “fear” doesn’t appear on your list.  Yet, you may be surprised to know that fear is often at the heart of your inability to move forward.  The first step to creating the life you want  is to learn to identify the presence of fear. 

Let’s explore five clues that may suggest the presence of fear, and how to move forward.


Clue # 1

Ideas that we believe to be true, and thoughts that hold us back, are called limiting beliefs.  They keep us from stretching, achieving a goal, taking risks, or living life the way we really want to live it.  Pay attention to what you think about.  Lack of belief often causes us to give up before we even begin.   

Examples of limiting beliefs:

  • I am not good enough.
  • They’re going to say “no” anyway, so why bother?


How to move out of fear:

Make positive affirmations a daily habit.  An affirmation is a positive statement, spoken in the present tense as if it is already true.   The most effective affirmations begin with “I am,”  which speak to a characteristic that sets you up for success.  Saying your affirmations aloud throughout the day will allow your mind to listen to new truths.

Examples of positive affirmations:

  • I am enough.
  • I am confident.


Clue # 2

If you notice an unhealthy need to control someone else’s behavior, or micromanage a situation, fear may be involved.   If you are doing everything you can to achieve a perfect outcome, ask yourself why “perfect” is so important to you.  You may fear what others will think of you, or what you’ll think of yourself, if the result is anything less than perfect.   You will unintentionally push others away when you think that if you want something done right, you’ll have to do it all yourself.  Is that what you want?


How to move out of fear:

People who are overly controlling are often wound so tight it makes it hard for others to be around them.  If you see yourself in this situation, breathe.  Look at the people around you and find a way for them to play a role in what you’re doing.   Remember that a task is rarely as important as a relationship.


Clue # 3

Do you ever notice a lack of confidence in who you are and your abilities to succeed?   Do you agonize over past experiences, and tell yourself that nothing will ever be different?  Do you scroll through social media, and compare yourself at your worst to others at their best?  

You can take steps to immediately shift your thinking.


How to move out of fear:

Put your phone down for a while.  Go outside for a walk.  Have a self-coaching conversation where you think about your strengths and what you can do to build upon them.   You’re good at telling other people what makes them special.   Instead of doubting yourself, show kindness to yourself. 


Clue # 4

Most of us have experienced procrastination at one time or another.   We reach for words like “later” and “tomorrow” to convince ourselves that it’s okay to put off a business-building activity that we know will move us forward.  We make excuses.  Sometimes, the root cause of procrastination is fear.  We fear that the outcome might not be as perfect as we’d like.  Or, we fear that once we’ve finished that thing we’re procrastinating about, we won’t know what to do next. 


How to move out of fear:

Choose a part of the task that you can accomplish in 30 minutes.  If you have an overwhelming list of calls to make, decide that you’ll make just ten.  Schedule a time to get started.   Set a timer and act without distractions for 30 minutes.   When the timer goes off, you can decide if you want to continue.   Think about how will feel when you’ve completed the task.  Keep doing this until you replace procrastination with forward motion.


Clue # 5

Worry is living in fear.  You are experiencing worry when you think about the terrible things that can happen in your business and in your life.  When you worry, you’re not thinking about what is good about your life.  You’re not paying attention to what you can do to create what you want in your life.  You’re approaching your future with fear.


How to move out of fear:

When you notice worry, train yourself to redirect your thoughts to feeling grateful.   Pause to reflect on what is good in your life.   Fill your mind with thoughts about the people in your life and the experiences which have contributed to your life.  Many people find that a gratitude journal is an effective way to focus on being grateful.   As you write about what makes you grateful, you fill your heart and mind with positive energy. 


Does fear keep you from living the life you want?

Become aware of fear.  Pay attention to clues.

Take intentional action to create a life you love.

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